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For questions about product,carrier and so on. We normally respond to all enquiries within 1 working day.
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TEL: 1-410-698-6690 (USA)
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About us

CellPhoneJammer.cn is the specialists in cell phone Jammers and Cell Phone Signal Repeater.

We offer unparalleled professional service and advice for our personal and commercial products. 10+ years of industry experience makes us the specialists you can trust. We pioneered all kind of jammers online sales, and offer the best cellular jamming prices worldwide - guaranteed. We are a developer, manufacturer and reseller of cell phone jamming devices include GSM Jammer, CDMA jammer, DCS/PCS Jammer, GPS Jammer, WIFI Jammer, 3G Jammer,4G Jammer, Audio Jammer, Wireless Video Jammer, GSM Repeater, CDMA Repeater, DCS/PCS Repeater, GPS Repeater, WIFI Repeater, 3G Repeater, Dual Band Repeater and Tri Band Repeater etc.


R&D Group in USA

We have strong and excellent R&D group in USA, who dedicated to the research and development of our new products.We are consumer-oriented and do our best to offer satisfying products to customers.


Manufacturer in CHINA

A full line of products - We have a full line of cellular jamming products from low-cost portable units to high-spec industrial units.

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